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Enjoy ready-to-run workshop templates

We know how time consuming it can be to make a workshop that works well and looks good. Some people find it fun, some people don’t.

We're here for those of you who don’t, because why spend time on something that doesn’t give you joy, when there are people like us who love doing what you don’t.

Playful workshop template design from WRKSHP CNVS

Elevate the experience
of your workshops

We want you to host memorable workhops. Ones that make people smile, and leave with a great taste in their mouths.

By using novelty and play, we heighten engagement, and connect your customers, teammates and audiences to your content in more immersive ways than the usual.

Workshop Templates for Miro and Mural designed by WRKSHP CNVS

Leave the design to us, so you can focus on what you do best

Here at WRKSHP CNVS, we’re passionate about good design, and more than happy to do the hard graft to make your daily working life a more beautiful and joyous place to be.

  • High quality design.
    Made by experts, packed with joy.
  • Save yourself hours
    of trying to get it ‘just right’
  • Focus on what you do best .
    Confidently  leave the design to us.
  • Free the world of boring templates.
    One workshop at a time
Visual design for workshop templates
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What else can you enjoy?

We’re not ones to blow our own trumpet too hard, but it would be a mistake not to tell you about the other benefits you can enjoy with the WRKSHP CNVS templates.
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We deliver templates for Miro and Mural, so no matter what tool you’re using, you can enjoy what we have to offer.
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Enjoy variety in the form of our visual styles, the objectives of our collections, and the types of tools we deliver.
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Easy to use
We strive to deliver templates that are easy to use, with clear instructions to match.
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We slip in as many tips as we can into our templates, so that you always leave feeling like you learned something new.
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Compared to the time you’d need to create each template, we’d say our prices are a pretty standout deal.
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Boost Engagement
Inspire joy and increase participant engagement with quality design, effective methods, and a good dose of novelty and play.
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Look Good
We’re not ones to brag, but the feedback from our users tells us that our templates get an overwhelmingly positive reception from participants.
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Regular Updates
We’re working as hard on growing our template library as Elon is working to get us to the moon. Sign up to our newsletter to find out about our latest releases.

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